Connected content: the pathway to social wisdom

My slides from the IAB’s Pathway to Social Wisdom conference. There are a lot of dots to connect when it comes to social content. So many that it can feel a lot easier not to bother. But planning in silos won’t set you on the path to social wisdom. In this deck, I look at how connecting more – with your customers, in your communications, and in your organisation itself – is the key to creating social content with real impact.


1. Cosy


Week 1: cosy

I’ve set myself a project for this year:#104photos. I’m going to take two photos a week, all year. I have a list of things to photograph, I’m going to take them all on my camera, not my phone. I’m going to post them on Instagram, but I’m not going to use any filters.

This is the first one. The theme was ‘cosy’, and it’s my defunct fireplace, which we’ve made cosy for Christmas with pine branches, pinecones and candles.