Month: May 2014

Week 8

Photo c/o Ruth

Sunday 25th May – hot flow yoga

Monday 26th May – vinyasa flow yoga

Tuesday 27th May – rest day

Wednesday 28th May – circuits

Thursday 29th May – hot yoga

Friday 30th May – rest day

Saturday 31st May – 10 mile walk (with a horse on the way)

Still no running, as per my resolution last week. I did manage to more or less stick to my exercise plan for the week, minus one cross-training session that I just couldn’t fit on because of a busy week at work.

I’m pretty good at making time to exercise, even when I’m busy. Hopefuolly this will stnd me in good stead when the runs start getting longer and I need to commit even more time.


Week 6 and 7 – write off

Shoreham power station on my run

Down by Shoreham power station on a run

I skipped last week’s blog post as I ran out of time to write it, and I nearly did the same this week too. My shin splints are back with an absolute vengence, so I can’t run. My cross-training fall by the wayside too, as I’ve been feeling pretty frustrated, and I’ve also been busy with work and social stuff.

When I don’t exercise I feel tired and grumpy, so I need to pull out of this nosedrive. The plan is:

  • take another three weeks off running (I HATE writing that)
  • pony up the cash to go and see a physio
  • go to at least three yoga classes a week
  • do at least two low-impact exercise classes/TRX sessions a week

This should be achievable, and will be a marked improvement on the last two weeks:

Sunday 11th May – nothing

Monday 12th May – long slow run, 1hr 30mins, vinyasa flow yoga

Tuesday 13th May – nothing

Wednesday 14th May – circuits

Thursday 15th May – nothing

Friday 16th May – nothing

Saturday 17th May – nothing

Sunday 18th May – long slow run, 1hr 40mins

Monday 19th May – vinyasa flow yoga

Tuesday 20th May – nothing

Wednesday 21st May – nothing

Thursday 22nd May – nothing

Friday 23rd May – nothing

Saturday 24th May – nothing

Week 5: a quiet week

  • Sunday 4th May – 80 minute long slow run
  • Monday 5th May – rest day (I did walk up some steep hills  in Hastings)
  • Tuesday 6th May – TRX
  • Wednesday 7th May – 40 minute interval run, circuits class
  • Thursday 8th May – migraine
  • Friday 9th May – migraine hangover
  • Saturday 10th May – nothing

It’s been a quiet week. I managed a couple of runs (breaking in my new trainers), a bit of cross training, but lost the last part of the week thanks to a migraine.

Here’s to a better one next week.

Week 4: Angmering Bluebell Run 10k

Bluebells and muddy traners

Bluebells and muddy traners


  • Sunday 27th April – Angmering Bluebell Run 10k
  • Monday 28th April – vinyasa flow yoga
  • Tuesday 29th April – hot yoga
  • Wednesday 30th April – 45min interval run, circuits class
  • Thursday 1st May – rest day
  • Friday 2nd May – TRX (and a 12.5k walk on the Downs, if that counts)
  • Saturday 3rd May – TRX

The highlight of my week was definitely the Angmering Bluebell Run 10k. I was pretty apprehensive beforehand – I hadn’t really trained for it, my shins had been giving me trouble, the weather was awful, it was going to be muddy, hilly and hard.

I lined up at the start genuinely thinking that I’d be last, but without time to worry about it, because before I knew it, we were off.  After an initial downhill section, it was a steady climb until the 3.5km mark through beautiful, bluebell-carpeted woodland. It was challenging, but manageable and I managed a pretty steady pace, bar having to stop and walk through a few really muddy sections, which I used as an opportunity to take a blurry photo of thr bluebells.

Raw Energy Pursuits Bluebell Trail Runs 2014 by

Race photos are never flattering, are they?

For the next 4km it undulated a bit was but was downhill overall, and I managed to pick up the pace a bit. After that I started to find it tough – there was one really, really muddy bit that I had to walk up – when I tried to run I ended up slipping back one step for every two I took. There was a pretty sharp hill somewhere around the 8km mark which I stupidly ran up (ignoring someone who must have run it before and yelled at me to remember the big hill at the end). It totally sapped my energy and I had nothing left for the finish. I wish I had listened to the chap who warned me about the last hill was right to do so – it was brutal. I made it up, alternating between running and walking and stumbled over the finish.

I clocked my worst ever 10k race time, and while I wasn’t last, I wasn’t far off – 299th out of 316 finishers. I really enjoyed it, and it’s given me some impetus to start doing some hill training again.