Month: July 2010

Tomatowatch – Day 13. We have ripening!


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What’s that? Ooh, a package? For me? From Canada? From the office of @MargaretAtwood? Squee!


A few weeks I metioned on Twitter that I’d lost a copy of The Tent by Margaret Atwood – and Margaret Atwood herself saw my tweet, and replied to me offering to replace it. It arrived today and seeing that envelope on my doormat was probably one of the most exciting things that’s happened to me in years!


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Stari Bar

Stari Bar is an ancient, ruined city above modern Bar, which is an industrial monstrosity.  It’s really peaceful and atmospheric, but it’s inhabited by huge snakes, which is a bit of a drawback.  The taxi driver who took me up here, Volli, was an absolute gem too – he spoke about as much English as I speak Montengrin (ie not much) but we had a great chat all the same, in which we established that Tony Blair is an idiot, Prince Charles is ugly, and that I should cover myself in olive oil and sit in the sun in order to look younger (because I don’t look good for my age apparently). Volli has also very kindly offered to find me a Montengrin husband.




You can’t escape politics anywhere in the Balkans, and Montenegro is no different.  There’s a lot of politcal graffiti about (including a lot of pro and anti-Kosovan stuff), but I’ve chosen this piece in particular because it turns the traditional Serbian cross (a cross with a Cyrillic ‘C’ in each of the four corners, which stands for ‘only unity saves the Serbs’, a fairly strong political statement in Montenegro when you consider they only broke away from Serbia a few years ago and have also acknowledged Kosovo as an inependent state) into an butterfly.