Month: October 2009

I just built a cardboard owl.


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What I’m reading now…


I’ve just started reading Suspended Sentences by Mark McWatt, a collection of short stories which a group of sixth-formers in Guyana were ‘sentenced’ to write as a punishment for trashing a club at the end of their exams.

Not all of the stories were written in the 1960s when the punishment was issued – but after the death of one of the group years later, McWatt reminded them of the punishment, called in the stories and created this collection.
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Poll finds 20% interested in getting a Kindle some


Some of the comments in this article are spot on if you ask me:

“Too expensive – and far more likely to become obsolete than a book.”

“I look at a computer screen all day long…why would I read a book on it.”

“It’s too big and ugly looking and on top of that it seems pricey. Maybe a couple generations down the line it’ll be worth it, especially once I’m done reading the thousands of books I have got already.”

“Call me old-fashioned. Love the feel of a book, the excitement of putting a new hardback on the shelves. Lending to a friend. Taking a Kindle to bed just seems wrong.”