Month: June 2016

48. A cat sunbathing in a window
It’s a door not a window, but this guy was definitely sunbathing #catsofinstagram via Instagram

45. A drawing of a photograph*
When I saw this theme on the list, I had no idea what I’d do for it. But I went to the High Museum yesterday and saw this: a drawing of Dorothea Lange’s very famous photo Migrant Mother, by the photographer Vik Muniz. *I broke my rules for the project: I took this on my phone, because that was what I had to hand. via Instagram

Connected content: the pathway to social wisdom

My slides from the IAB’s Pathway to Social Wisdom conference. There are a lot of dots to connect when it comes to social content. So many that it can feel a lot easier not to bother. But planning in silos won’t set you on the path to social wisdom. In this deck, I look at how connecting more – with your customers, in your communications, and in your organisation itself – is the key to creating social content with real impact.