Art and culture

Lost in Lace at Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

I went to see Lost in Lace with my Mum today at Birmingham Museums and Art G,allery. It’s a visually arresting and theatrical exhibition which takes lace and lacemaking as inspiration. These photos and the video are rubbish – you should just go and see it instead.


Groupon: the Beauty Myth is alive and well

So, today’s email from Groupon features the following:

“Zoom! Teeth Whitening Plus Consultation and Hygiene Check-Up for £139 at Aura Dental

£15 instead of £99.95 –  
Ceramic Hair Straightener at O Spa London

£129 instead of £375 –  
Five Sessions of LED Facial Revitalisation Therapy from Energy Bodies

£25 instead of £350 –  
Full Glamour Experience With Mini Facial,
Mini Manicure, Professional Makeup, Hair Styling and Photo Shoot at Bliss

There it was in glorious HTML technicolour…salvation. Ladies, our teeth aren’t white enough, our hair isn’t straight enough, our faces aren’t smooth, wrinkle-free and expressionless enough and god knows we’re not glamorous enough, but Groupon’s here to help. If enough of us club together, we can achieve cut-price beauty nirvana. Hooray.

I’m not really criticising Groupon here – they’re only selling what people want to buy – but it’s depressing to be faced with a long list of ‘deals’ that all come down to telling women (and men too, to a lesser extent) that there’s something wrong with how they look.