Autumn (belated)



Autumn’s beginning…


I took all these while having a wander around Stanmer Park…when you walk far enough in to get away from the sound of traffic and the sight of the new stadium being built, it really is a stunning place. I found a pond I didn’t know was there, and got a bit of musical accompaniment from a bit of a rave-up going on somewhere nearby in the woods – all in all a good morning.

Some of the photos probably seem samey – I got a bit carried away!

Wallowing in blackberry-flavoured nostalgia


I’ve been wallowing in blackberry-flavoured nostalgia today – blackberry picking in other words. I found tons of blackberries, sloes, plums, and a few apple and pear trees too – all growing wild in Brighton, which made me really happy! I used to go blackberry picking a lot when I was little, and even now getting rosy, juice-stained, thorn-pricked fingers gives me an end-of-summer, back-to-school, bonfires-and-conkers-just-around-the-corner kind of feeling. My mum was tall and didn’t seem to mind throwing herself at the prickliest of bushes, so she always got the biggest and best ones. Me and my brother would be left to get the ones lower down and we were always diligently careful about measuring if they were low enough to have fox wee on them. People in the village would leave their spare windfall apples out in crates on the pavement and we’d pick up some of those too, so mum could make blackberry and apple. My childhood sounds like something out of Enid Blyton when I describe it like this!
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