Week 4: Angmering Bluebell Run 10k

Bluebells and muddy traners
Bluebells and muddy traners


  • Sunday 27th April – Angmering Bluebell Run 10k
  • Monday 28th April – vinyasa flow yoga
  • Tuesday 29th April – hot yoga
  • Wednesday 30th April – 45min interval run, circuits class
  • Thursday 1st May – rest day
  • Friday 2nd May – TRX (and a 12.5k walk on the Downs, if that counts)
  • Saturday 3rd May – TRX

The highlight of my week was definitely the Angmering Bluebell Run 10k. I was pretty apprehensive beforehand – I hadn’t really trained for it, my shins had been giving me trouble, the weather was awful, it was going to be muddy, hilly and hard.

I lined up at the start genuinely thinking that I’d be last, but without time to worry about it, because before I knew it, we were off.  After an initial downhill section, it was a steady climb until the 3.5km mark through beautiful, bluebell-carpeted woodland. It was challenging, but manageable and I managed a pretty steady pace, bar having to stop and walk through a few really muddy sections, which I used as an opportunity to take a blurry photo of thr bluebells.

Raw Energy Pursuits Bluebell Trail Runs 2014 by SussexSportPhotography.com
Race photos are never flattering, are they?

For the next 4km it undulated a bit was but was downhill overall, and I managed to pick up the pace a bit. After that I started to find it tough – there was one really, really muddy bit that I had to walk up – when I tried to run I ended up slipping back one step for every two I took. There was a pretty sharp hill somewhere around the 8km mark which I stupidly ran up (ignoring someone who must have run it before and yelled at me to remember the big hill at the end). It totally sapped my energy and I had nothing left for the finish. I wish I had listened to the chap who warned me about the last hill was right to do so – it was brutal. I made it up, alternating between running and walking and stumbled over the finish.

I clocked my worst ever 10k race time, and while I wasn’t last, I wasn’t far off – 299th out of 316 finishers. I really enjoyed it, and it’s given me some impetus to start doing some hill training again.


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