Week 1: a year until the marathon


In a year’s time, I’ll be running the Brighton Marathon.

When I first started running, a marathon was never my goal. Even when I did my first half marathon, the idea of doing a full one seemed ridiculous – people like me don’t do marathons, it’s too too far, the training would take up too much time, it’ll hurt.

But the idea slowly wormed its way into my head, and wouldn’t go away. I volunteered at this year’s Brighton Marathon, and at the briefing a few weeks ago I felt sad that I wasn’t running. So I signed up for the 2015 race.

I could’ve signed up for one happening sooner, but it feels right to have a whole year to train and to get to run in my beautiful adopted hometown.

I’m going to try to blog my way through the next 12 months to keep myself focused on and accountable for my training. (Especially when it’s hot or rainy and I don’t want to run, or when I’d rather plod than do intervals, or when I have DOMS from cross-training and want to stay on the sofa…)

For some people, a marathon isn’t that big a deal, and a whole year of training for it and blogging about it would sound like overkill.

For me, it’s huge. This marathon feels like an insurmountable challenge at the moment, and I want to focus on every little step I’m taking towards it, so that when the day comes around, I know I’m ready.

My first week’s training has consisted of:

  • Sunday 6th – volunteering at the marathon (training of a kind!)
  • Monday 7th – vinyasa flow yoga (Lucy the teacher is awesome and great with creaky runners)
  • Tuesday 8th – hot yoga
  • Wednesday 9th – 40 minute interval run
  • Thursday 10th – rest day
  • Friday 11th – 35 minute walk/run with Thom*, 20 minute threshold run
  • Saturday 12th – hot yoga later on.

This feels like a lazy week: no long run (I’m doing it tomorrow) and no crossing training. However, I’m pleased that I managed intervals and a threshold run – I was very lazy with them training for my last half and I really want to stick with them this time.

So there it is, week one of 52. Wish me luck.

*Thom’s my boyfriend. He’s signed up to do the marathon too – Friday was his second run, so he’s got an even tougher year ahead of him. Annoyingly, he’s taking to running much faster than I did, and will probably be better than me in a matter of months.


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