It’s what you *have* done…


My half marathon is a week away and I’ve been having a mild panic about it. My last long training run was a disaster – I was set to run 13 miles but gave up at 9, which sent me into a huge ‘I-can’t-do-it-spiral’.

Someone told me to remember that ‘it’s not what you haven’t done, it’s what you have done’.

This made me feel a lot better, because I’ve done a shit-load of preparation since I started my serious training in June. Because I’m a dork, I have the stats to prove it:

  • 46 runs completed
  • 240 miles covered (that’s like running from Brighton to Brussels)
  • 47 hours spent running (enough time to watch every episode of Breaking Bad)
  • 3374 meters climbed (three and bit times the height of Snowdon)
  • 35,000 calories burnt (equivalent 778 Jaffa Cakes)
  • 20 hours of cross-training (at a conservative estimate, I reckon I’ve done 4000 squats)
  • One new pair of trainers purchased
  • £365 raised for the Stroke Association
In that face of all that, missing one 13 mile run doesn’t seem like that much of a big deal.