Fugitive emissions, gestational carrier and negative good: the worst words and phrases of 2011

According to the Australian Plain English Foundation, these are some of the worst words and phrases of 2011. Most of them are so annoying they make my teeth itch, so read at your own risk:                           

“fugitive emissions”

As used by manufacturer Orica when it couldn’t bring itself to say “pollution”.

“inland tsunami”

As in a flood. Apparently during the Queenland floods the Queensland Police Commissioner, Bob Atkinson, described the floods as “an inland instant tsunami with a massive wall of water”.

“negative good”

Choice magazine coined this beauty for describing how whitening can damage your teeth. Is it just me or does it suddenly feel like 1984? 

“gestational carrier”

This comes from Nicole Kidman: “Our family is truly blessed..to have been given the gift of baby Faith Margaret. No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier.”

“niche experience”

According to the City of Holdfast Bay in South Australia “dolphins are a niche experience”. And there was me thinking they were a marine mammal.

And the award for mixed metaphor of the year goes to…

This honour goes to the coach of the US rugby team Eddie O’Sullivan (prepare yourself): “We play from start to finish and that we stick to our plans and our systems and, when we’re under pressure, we don’t abandon ship. Particularly staying within striking distance over the last 20 minutes as long as we can and staying on the horse as for long as we can… The tier-one nations are going to come out of the starting blocks and throw the kitchen sink at us. At times we’re going to be a bit punch drunk probably, but we need to just hang in there and keep swinging and stay in the game over the last quarter”


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