Rwanda 12: eat, drink and be merry


  • Primus! Rwanda’s finest beer (except perhaps Turbo King, but after a bottle of that I was too drunk to take a photo. Even my teeth felt drunk.) Primus was also running its ”Guma Guma Superstar‘ competiton while we there, which is a bit like X Factor. I wish I knew who won. My favourite was Riderman.
  • Avocado tree. I don’t think I will ever be able to eat a normal avocado again; the ones in Rwanda were so good that all other avocados will seem rubbish in comparison.
  • A banana dog. My own invention. Patent pending.
  • Beans, lots of beans.
  • Trangia cuisine.
  • Before and after shot of a gargantuan Rwandan lunch. I didn’t make much of a dent.
  • Lunchtime G&T. My colonial shame.

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