2010 in 12 photos

January – Bird tracks in a light scattering of snow. One of the few advantages of leaving the house so early to get to work is seeing little things like this, before everyone else wakes up.



February – A muddy walk. Very, very muddy.



March – This reminds me of a springtime catch-up on the seafront with my friend Laura.



April – White blossom and a brilliant blue sky. Stunning.



May – May was a flipping horrible month. It made me appreciate my friends and family more.



June – A sleepy bumblebee. I love bees.



July – I went for this picture from my trip to Montenegro, because it reminds me of all the introspective, post-break-up thinking and beer-drinking I did sat on the quay, dangling my feet in the water, staring at the incredible view.



August – Something from Pride of course!



September – Choosing a picture for September was hard, but I love this picture from my trip to Scarborough, taken with a lomo lens in a little cafe in one of the pleasure gardens. I think it’s got atmosphere!



October – This isn’t the most obvious shot for autumn – everything’s green – but the very long shadow from the cedar in the low sun is a clue to the time of year.



November – It has to be this rather abstract one of my friend Charly ice skating with great poise and elegance at the Pavilion.



December – I don’t think this is a particularly great photo, but I love the moment it captures. It was at Burning the Clocks, and I like the way you see the faces looking up at the fireworks in the midwinter darkness. It seems like the right photo to end the year with – celebrating that the darkest, bleakest day is over and that lighter, brighter ones are just around the corner.


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