Agile, content management and content strategy

I attended some interesting presentations and a round table on agile web content management this morning, run by Vyre and featuring speakers from Gartner, the National Trust and Indigo Blue.

  I’d never heard of agile before I started at uSwitch, so it was good to hear other people singing its praises, just as all the developers I work with do.

  During the round table, we were asked to identify whether we saw ourselves as ‘business’ or ‘IT’, which I thought was interesting bearing in mind that at work we’ve been trying to break down that distinction, under the tongue-in-cheek banner of ‘one team one dream’. I think it’s a good idea to try to get away from that division and incorporate everyone who’s working on the same project into one workflow, because after all, we’re all trying to get to the same end goal.

  It was also interesting to hear someone ask for opinions about where the content team should sit within their business. It’s a tough one, because I feel like content exists somewhere inbetween marketing, commercial, search and development. I do think it can be helpful to have content in the middle of it all, actually, rather than sitting in one specific area, although maybe there is a danger of losing sight of an overall content strategy by falling into the role of a support act for for other areas around the business. 


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